About Sanctimonia

ELCOME, fellow traveller. Sanctimonia is an open source massively multiplayer online role playing game
taking place in a fantasy world based loosely on the continent of Britannia. It is free of most conventional RPG contrivances such as classes, levels, instantiated quests, grinding and griefing. Sanctimonia instead focuses upon three primal entities which define human existence:

ATURE, including weather systems and plant and animal birth, growth, reproduction, migration and death. Geological depth is represented by separate, mutable layers of bedrock, sand, soil, vegetation and snowfall.

URVIVAL, including eating, drinking, sleeping, seeking or creating shelter, harvesting natural resources by hunting, farming, animal domestication and mining, self-defense, reproduction and child-rearing.

IVILIZATION, including writing, passing and enforcing laws, defining cultural territories, establishing hierarchies of governance, warfare and the free exchange of ideas for the betterment of the group or the individual.

HESE complex goals are accomplished by implementing simple gameplay mechanics which simulate their equivalent real-world counterparts. Commonly referred to as emergent gameplay, realistically balancing the consequences of these actions is the primary design objective.

RAPHICALLY Sanctimonia incorporates overhead scrolling and scaling with full-screen rotatation locked to player orientation. Most game objects (players, flora, fauna, items, etc.) are photographed from scale models from 16 directions to intensify the 3D immersion. A hybrid dynamic/user-controlled zoom system will allow accurate crafting and other detail-oriented tasks in high resolution.

ANCTIMONIA is designed to be played and enjoyed immediately by even the novice. It is optimized for a PlayStation DualShock-style gamepad, from which the majority of its gameplay features are accessible. Players may toggle seamlessly between moving with the D-pad (Zelda-style) and the more advanced dual analog sticks (FPS-style) as desired.

NIQUE to Sanctimonia, your character is always online even if you are not, assuming their daily duties under the guidance of fully customizable artificial intelligence. Even if you only play once a week, you can set your player’s schedule to perform work, buy and sell items as needed, defend themselves or engage in any number of activities to ensure their success and welfare.

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